You want to learn how to easily avoid accidental publishing in WordPress? Creating a post is easy because you just have two button options which are “Published” button to publicly post the article and the “Save Draft” button to save the post as a pending. What if you accidentally hit the “Publish” button even if the article is not yet done? It’s frustrating, right? Especially if it’s connected to your different social media accounts.

This is a common issue that even the most experienced WordPress user accidentally commit. It may scare you because it’s not the right time to post it and it’s not yet grammatically correct or proofread.

To address this simple issue, we’ll teach you how to easily add confirmation message in WordPress to avoid accidental publishing the simple but effective way.

We have two quick method to do this – install a plugin (Published Confirm) or manually adding a code (code snippet).

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Using a Free WordPress Plugin

This method is basically the is easiest way to add confirmation message to avoid accidental publishing a post, you just have to install a plugin.   

First you need to login into your WordPress admin dashboard, after that click on the Plugin Add New.

In the Plugin page section, find the plugin by typing “Published Confirm” using the search box. After, you will see a list of plugins that meet your criteria. From there, select and install the plugin called Published Confirm plugin by clicking on the Install Now button like the screen below.

Once plugin is installed, you need to click on the Activate button to use the plugin.

One completed, it will now prompt you with a confirmation message if you will click the Publish button. Awesome, right?

We have a step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin

2. Add a Code Snippet

If you don’t want to install a plugin then this code snippet is for you. Just simply copy and paste the code to your theme’s functions.php file.

function custom_confirm_msg() {
return "You are about to publish this post.\nHave you added a featured image?";

Once pasted, you need to save the changes then you’re done 🙂

We hope that this article helps you avoid accidental publishing a post in WordPress.

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