We know that finding the best solution to migrate website and move it to another site can be a frustrating task to do since WordPress plugin directory has a bunch of migration plugins that you can choose from. Now, we’ll introduce to you the best solution on how to move WordPress website to a new host using a powerful plugin for migrating website which is All in One WP Migration. It is the top solution plugin with an export and import options and it has an easy to use user interface.

Getting Started

In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily move WordPress site to a new host using a powerful plugin called All in one WP Migration and we’ll walk you through to complete step by step with images.

Without any further due. Let’s go ahead and migrate a WordPress website.

Step 1: Install the Plugin

The first thing you need to login into to your WordPress admin dashboard. Once logged-in move your mouse into the left-hand sidebar and click on Plugin » Add new.

On the Plugins page. Find the plugin on the search box option by typing ‘All in One WP Migration’ on the right-hand corner.

A list of plugins will now appear. Go ahead and select the All in One WP Migration Plugin and click on the button Install Now button.

If you would like to see the plugin details, click on the More Details link underneath Install Now button.

Once the plugin is installed, you will need to activate it by clicking on the Activate button.

Once activated, you will be brought to ‘installed plugins’ page along with a success message.

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Step 2: Exporting Website Using All in One Migration

After you’ve installed the plugin, the next thing you need to find Site Migration on your dashboard, and select Export using the drop-down menu.

You will bring to export site page, on the right-side corner you will see a report issue button and on the right-hand side, you will see some quick hints on how to export your site.

Go ahead and click on the green button to expand then it will be expanded with a different extension feature that you can choose from like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, and Box.

For this tutorial, we were going to export it using ‘FILE’ option because it is the easiest and convenient way to export WordPress website. Go ahead and hit on FILE option.

After that, the plugin will now archive a list of WordPress file and start making a backup for you, then you should have to wait until it stops spinning.

Once completed, you need to click the green button to export the file on your computer.

Congratulation! you have now exported your WordPress website, but we’re not done yet because we are going to import this file to another site. Let’s go ahead and just follow the steps on how to import it.

Step 3: Import Website Using All in One Migration

This step is almost the same process as export, you need to login into your new site which you want to migrate your exported file then you have installed the All in One WP Migration plugin like you did above.

We assumed that you have already logged into your new WordPress site and also installed the All in one WP Migration plugin.

So, let’s head over to Site Migration » Import to import the file that you have downloaded earlier on your computer.

After that, you will see an area with the two different option. You can import using the drag and drop or select the file using drop-down IMPORT FROM option.

Note: The max file for a free version is only 512 MB, but you can click on the green link marked to Get Unlimited. It is about $49 and you will get unlimited file storage.

The good the thing about this plugin is it can also change the site URL link. For example, you have exported site from oldsitedemo.com then once it is imported it will be replaced in your new site URL like newsitedemo.com. Awesome, right?

So, let’s go ahead and import the file using the drag and drop option. Just simply find the file on your computer that you have downloaded earlier and drag it into the import area, like I did.

The plugin will now upload the file that looks like the screen below.

After installing, you will be prompt with a reminder message that the database will be overwritten look like the screen below. Go ahead and click on the Continue button to proceed.

The plugin will now start restoring as shown on the screen below.

Once completed, you see a success message ‘Your data has been imported successfully!’ But you have to configure a quick permalink setting and review the plugins.

Important: Do not skip this one step, you have to reset your permalink structure. Go ahead and close the button by clicking on the close button.

Note: If you click anything, most probably it’s going to log you out then you will have to login back using the old site that you are migrating.

So, let’s go ahead and change the permalink structure by clicking on the Settings > Permalink.

In the Permalink setting, select the Post Name structure and hit on save changes button.

That’s it! Congratulation! You have now successfully moved a website to a new host using the All in one WP Migration plugin. Simple, right?

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