Making some changes and adjustments are needed in our websites in order to serve visitors better. Are you bothered that some bad and unexpected things might happen to the site? Or worried to upset your visitors while fixing your site? Well, we don’t want our visitors to see a broken site while you’re working on the backend, right? You have to do something and let them know that your site is under maintenance as well as give assurance that it will be launched back once changes are done.

In WordPress, the easiest way to address this issue is by installing an under construction or coming soon page plugin. There are various maintenance plugins you can find in WordPress plugin directory but, some are not compatible with the theme you are using or there’s a lot of configuration that must be done.

We went through different under maintenance plugins, and one caught our attention – the Under Construction from a reputable plugin provider Web Factory Ltd. As of the moment, it has 100,000+ satisfied active users with 10k+ month growth. It is a powerful plugin that easily creates an under construction, coming soon, maintenance or landing page and has simple and clean user-interface.

Under Construction Page Review: Simply Create Maintenance Mode Page


To get to know more about Under Construction, let’s dive into its features & options. What makes this plugin excellent?

1. Beginner-friendly, Simple & Fast. To use this plugin simply install the plugin then, hit the enable mode option. After that, construction page will come out with no unnecessary and confusing settings that have to be configured. Simple steps for beginners and non-techie users.

Under Construction Page Review: Simply Create Maintenance Mode Page

2. Fun and Colorful Design Templates. Unlike other maintenance plugins, Under Construction provides a bunch well-crafted templates you can choose from. New designs are released twice a month, so why settle on a black and white maintenance page?

Under Construction Page Review: Simply Create Maintenance Mode Page

3. Whitelisted User Roles & Whitelisted User. This features will allow you to select user roles who won’t be affected by the under construction mode. To do this, just tick the user/s and you’re done!  Also, you can exclude particular users (when logged in) will not see the under construction page.

Under Construction Page Review: Simply Create Maintenance Mode Page

4. Limitless Social Media Profile. It has limitless social profile icon/links that you can put on your site such Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and much more.

Under Construction Page Review: Simply Create Maintenance Mode Page

5. Optimized for SEO. This plugin cares about your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. They included SEO exception option to ensure that your SEO hard work will not be affected or be penalized especially by Google while your site is sleeping for the meantime.

6. Well-Maintained and 24 Hour Support. Developers are making version update at least twice a month with new features and fixes. The support team is also available, rest assured you’ll get an answer in less than 24 hours.

Why Choose Under Construction?

If you are a beginner or non-techie user in WordPress and bothered when your site is under maintenance, Under Construction is best for you! You don’t need to spend a lot of time because this plugin can be set up in just a few minutes. And the good thing is –it’s free. And who doesn’t love that?

If you haven’t tried using Under Construction, then click download below and discover why it’s one of the best.

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Over to You!

We made a review and rated this plugin because it deserves a good recognition in the WordPress community for creating such excellent under maintenance page and guarantees that it’s 100% working in all themes.

Have you ever used an under construction page? If you did, tell us your experience about this plugin. Let me know in the comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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